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When a mommy wants the perfect pictures…..who does she call? Randy Machare!!!

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Baby Girl Portraits

Randy Machare
Machare Images



No one really tells you how hard the night feedings, lack of sleep and not to mention breast feeding nightmares will be. They just tell you it is the best ever. The first few weeks after childbirth were beyond exhausting..it’s all becoming a blur of night time madness and our baby nurse creeping into our room at 4am like a drug dealer and whispering in my ear we need more milk..you must pump! Once the haze cleared..or sort of cleared.. staring at our little Olivia was like being hypnotized we were in awe of how beautiful she is/was too us..we forgot about tv! how small this little girl was and yet how large her life is to us. I knew I wanted to remember and capture every moment, every finger grasp and every little cozy squirmy turn of hers in my arms. NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER…

oh but it will be annoying…no way I can do it in the morning…what if she’s asleep..what if I need to sleep… what if she starts crying and melts down..forget it! It has to be early or sunlight won’t fall properly in our living room… UGH!!! Randy Machare from the start was the soothing voice/text/email that I desperately needed to hear on the other end. I said not sure on light? What if she cries? Her face is breaking out? I’m exhausted! He said in almost a whisper don’t worry about her skin or the light or the timing we will work around her schedule and I have my equipment and we will make it work. I said the rash is pretty bad and instead of talking about the photos Randy said have you called your pediatrician do you have the baby 411 book..a dad himself and a sweet one at that.

He showed up on a Friday in April, he immediately took his shoes off and carefully and quickly scanned the entire apartment for his ideas, locations, darting in and out of rooms without making a squeak etc. Olivia was sleeping!!! Should I wake her I said. No he said this is perfect… He quietly took images and moved his lighting stuff around, nothing bright, loud, harsh or scary for the baby! We moved her from different locations but no crying, no drama, no pressure. When he was done, I felt relief that it was over and somehow I managed to get a blowout beforehand!! I thought maybe he got 20 nice images..it was all so fast but it never felt rushed or frazzled. A few days later we received the most beautiful pictures of our little girl, 230 of them!!! How did he manage that many, I will never know. I look at them now 8 weeks later and can’t believe she was that small..and as tired as I was that day/week I’m so happy that Randy came over and took these beautiful pictures. Just lovely little moments from that day, not a better choice for us than Machare Images for our pics, they still make me tear up.