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What Cuba has done for me. Part 1

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What Cuba has done for me. Part 1


When I graduated The Culinary Institute of America, in 1984, all I wanted to do, was to get into a great kitchen and cook!

My parents had an alternative idea. They told me that I needed to get a business education, so I could understand more than just food.

I was pissed, at first, but their suggestion was perfect.

I headed to Miami, to go to Florida International University.

It was an incredible experience. It taught me to look at food, not only as an art, but also as a business.

While I was working at The Grand Bay Hotel, in Coconut grove, and hanging out in different areas of Miami, I immersed myself into The Latin Culture.

I frequented, Calle Ocho (otherwise known as 8th street) for the delicious, “inexpensive” food, to get my shirts from, Ramon Puig Guayaberas and of course, to check out the Latinas and listen to the incredible music of Cuba.

I graduated in 1986 and my mom came down to see me.

We went to http://lacarreta.com/ on 8th street and when the bill came, I paid.

It was such a great feeling  to pay for me and my mom.

This was the beginning of how Cuba altered my life.

Stay tuned for part 2 of what Cuba has done for me.


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