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The NBA Lockout and Real Estate- what do they have in common?

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What does the NBA lockout and real estate have in common?


Maybe Bugs Bunny can make a deal?

Maybe Bugs Bunny can make a deal?

If you met me for a beer, I could not regurgitate the bullet points of the NBA lockout, but I could tell you a few things~

Both sides are digging their heels………. what they each need to do is have a third party sit down with them in a neutral environment; perhaps a nice Dive bar. That third party (someone who negotiates for a living) like a real estate agent would then go over the issues and say, “do you really want to close on this deal or do you want to walk away?”

The majority of parties in any deal want the deal to be done, especially when you can see how close each side is on getting g to an agreement. What are they gonna do. Adjourn the closing? Walk away from their deposit? Threaten each other emotionally or physically? (Yes I have actually seen this happen)

I was recently at a closing that was nearing 6 hours and all of the attorneys looked at me and said, there was no way this transaction was closing.

I knew they all wanted to close, just like the NBA players and owners. I thought of some unique scenarios and in hour number 7, the seller and buyer closed the deal.

So my message to the owners and players~

You both want to have a season! You don’t want to continue to the lock out!

It does not matter whose D**ks are bigger.

This is not just about the players and owners. It is about all of the ancillary people that rely on the NBA to be able to put food on their tables to feed their families.

Oh- and don’t forget the fans!!!!!!

The NBA needs me to make this deal happen!