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Sope de Hueso






My mother in law has been living with us for over two years. Some people look at my and roll their eyes and ask me if I am crazy. Well, first of all my wife negotiated this deal ten years ago, so when it finally happened, it was smooth as silk. My mother in law has added so much fabric and layers to our warm and loving home.

Not only does she always make me laugh, but boy can she cook. One of my favorite dishes she makes is Sopa de Hueso. It is common in many Latin American countries and this is her version, with a little twist from me. Listen to this song, while you are getting your soup on………..

My favorite request from her when I asked her for the recipe was, “Please arrange this recipe in your professional way.” Would I do it any other way?

5 pounds Beef neck bones or oxtails, cut into 2 inch pieces
1 bunch of fresh coriander
1 whole onion medium-cut into quarters.
Beef stock (optional)- 2 ounces
1 head of white Cabbage cut into 3 inch wedges
5 ears of  Corn on a cob, cut into halves
1 pound Yuca- (to make things easy, buy the pre-cooked frozen product)
1 pound String beans


Simmer the bones, coriander and onion at least an hour
After the hour, remove the onion and coriander from the broth
Add vegetables and cook until tender

Season with crushed red peppers, sea salt, cracked black pepper and a wedge of lemon.