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Last night I stayed out till 6am with my other Puppy friends….

We started out at the Puppy Mill Playhouse in Jersey (hung out with the cast of Jersey Shore) and then we headed back into the city in my chauffer driven Maybach (it is really Jay Z’s who lent it to me) Holla Jay!

We are sitting in the back- you probably can't see us.....

We ended up at Studio Puppy four in Times Square and rocked to the likes of Biggy Smalls and  Jay Z…….

When I rolled home, I realized that I had Puppy School at 8:30 am at the crib and I figured, why go to sleep for 2 hours. So I had my butler, Mr. Z hook me up with a Red Bull and kibble concoction. I was bouncing off the wall and super ready for the teacher to arrive at 8:30 on the dot.

So in walks Dog boy aka Robert Haussmann with his tattoos and everything trying to represent BK to the fullest and I knew I had to be on my “A” game or I was going to be in trouble. http://dogboynyc.com/

Well, I already have the sitting thing down from last week’s session.

How beautifil am I?

I learned to sit for a 5 seconds without moving, I learned to lie stomach down as well as being able to grab my favorite toy and then release it on command. The bottom line is that I am his #1 student and Dog Boy does not know this but not only do I represent the Upper West Side, but I also am “The El Rey” of Riverside Drive!!!!

Session #2 has ended and now it is time to play with my Aunt Heather!

Session #2 has ended and now it is time to play with my Aunt Heather!

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  • He has a long trail to blaze before he's El Rey of194! We know who El Rey really is.

  • Hey Blu- Step back…..