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It is Soft Shell Season!!!!!

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Sweet and delicious!

How yummy does this crab look?

Soft Shell Crabs with Lemon, Mint and XVOO

As many of us know, Soft Shells are in season. The best size crabs are called Hotels and generally are the size of your fist.

You want to make sure that you buy the crabs live or at least see them live and then have your fishmonger “dress” them. (You need to cook them within a few hours once they have been whacked!) The eyes should be snipped off and the lungs should be removed as well. Sorry for the graphics, I am a chef ya know.

There are so many ways to prepare soft shells, but my favorite way is to season them with salt and pepper and then lightly dredge them in Wondra flour.

Place the soft shells brown skin side down in a pre-heated sauté pan with soy oil.

Cook on both sides for about two minutes each and then place on a paper towel to remove any excess oil.

Be careful, soft shells tend to pop when you are cooking them, because they are almost all moisture.

A great refreshing way to serve the crabs is with freshly chopped mint, Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

I would accompany the crabs with grilled asparagus, and a baby arugula salad with fresh herbs and olive oil.

If you can't make the crabs, I will come over and cook them for you:~)

PZ about to sell an apartment and cook some soft shells!

To drink?

I would go with a Nutty Brown Ale- Like a Moose Drool Brown Ale and if you wanted to go with Wine a crisp cold bottle of Sancerre!