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Here one minute, gone the next! Carolyn Dizon~~~~~

Posted on by Paul Zweben

Here one minute, gone the next!

This is a story about our dear friend, Carolyn Dizon.


Carolyn Dizon in the beautiful blue dress!

Carolyn Dizon in the beautiful blue dress!


When my business partner, Steven Scher died without any warning on December 7th, 2008, we quickly went into action to keep Steve’s memory alive.

We put together a lovely fund raiser at Scarpetta in SoBe, with the help of Scott Conant, Andy Wang, Wendy Maitland, me, Jeff Kadish, Steven Hall and Aimee Scher.

The event was the beginning of, “Chefs for Scher”.

The night before the event, we were all planning on meeting for dinner at Casa Tua and I had some time to kill.

I asked Mrs. Z if she wanted to have a cocktail and she said that she wanted to get ready for dinner. (I was solo)

So I rolled up to the main bar at the Fontainebleau in a pair of shorts and a hoodie….. I was sticking out like a sore thumb compared to all of the other guests dressed in their evening outfits.

As I was sitting at the bar, looking at the bar patrons and constantly looking at my Blackberry, a young lady next to me asked me if I was here for the SoBe food and wine festival. I told her that we were not here for the event, but for an event to honor and keep the spirit of my partner, Steven Scher alive.

It was clear that she was serious about food and everything associated with it. We had a passionate conversation over the next hour about everything food.
She introduced herself as Carolyn Dizon and our friendship was instant.

I invited her to the event at Scarpetta and she quickly accepted.

The event was just the beginning of “Chefs for Scher” and our big event would be coming up in July of 2009 in NYC. Carolyn quickly let me know that she would be more than honored to help us organize the event-

Carolyn immersed herself into the grueling task of pulling of a charity event with well over 500 people. (Also note that it was the hottest ticket in town)
She was tireless, always smiling and always laughing. Anyone that knew Carolyn, knew her laugh! It was infectious!

Carolyn was like an all star sixth man in the NBA- she always knew when to shoot and always knew when to pass the ball.

A few days ago, through facebook, we found out that Carolyn has passed away and we were left with a numbing chill through our bodies.

Carolyn left us way too soon….an accomplished lawyer, food blogger, food addict, food lover, an amazing friend and super listener.

I am honored to have known Carolyn and will always hear her laughter in the wind!

Carolyn’s Obituary-

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