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My Friend Sangeeta Rao was nice enough to give us her yummy recipe for

lemon Pepper Garlic Roasted Chicken:Sangeeta is theEvent Manager of the

 Mandarin Oriental in Washington DC…….1 (202) 787 6200Email her if you

 need her to help you with an event in DC- srao@mohg.com 

IngredientsChickenLemons (# dependant on size of chicken)

Garlic Cloves

Sage leaves (you can mix it up and use

Thyme too

If you use Rosemary, don’t use too much since it’s such a strong herb)

Salted Butter

(4 tbsp dependant on how large chicken is; I use one stick for a large chicken)

Salt & Pepper to taste


Dispose of gizzards

Slice garlic cloves lengthwise (keep some whole),

rip off sage leaves from stem

slice half of lemon in thin diameter slices and other half in quarters.

You will need another  half to squeeze the juice into the cavity.

Put chicken in respective size roasting pan.

Sprinkle salt and pepper all over chicken (front, back, inside, behind legs,

under skin)

Put sliced garlic under skin all over chicken and put whole cloves

inside of chicken and behind legs

Put sage leaves under skin all over chicken

Put sliced lemons under skin all over chicken

Squeeze half of lemon inside chicken and leave it in the cavity

Put quarter sized lemons behind legs

Melt butter completely in microwave

Pour butter all over chicken and give a good rub

Feel free to add some more salt

Start with 375 degrees and work your way up in temperature but do not go

above 425. 

Check the directions on the packaging of the chicken because it’s all depending

on the size of the chicken

Baste chicken every half-hour

White plastic indicator should pop when ready – should take 1.5 hours to cook

 depending on size of chicken

Tip:  After you’re done eating my delicious chicken, save carcass and boil for

excellent chicken broth or soup! 

 I’ve made delicous chicken dumplings soup with wild rice but make sure to

 remove all the lemons!