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On Saturday, Carolyn and I had about 90 minutes of free time. The baby was napping and her Abuela had little Olivia under control.
We were both pretty hungry and the options in the high 80, lows 90’s on the UWS for lunch on a Saturday are quite tough.
Do we hit the diner? Do we hit Two Boots? Or do we try the new vegetarian restaurant that occupied the former Doc’s restaurant, aka Candle Cafe West.

Being a vegetarian is a way of life for many (not me) and most people that are veg heads that I have met, usually tell me that they are veggies within the 1st 90 seconds of meeting them. Imagine if I introduced myself as Paul, the real estate agent and swine eater? Hmmmm.

We walked into the Candle Cafe at noon and the music was as if I walked into the Peninsula Spa for a mud wrap. It was certainly Zen. Some hot stones on my neck during lunch would have been nice.

We quickly went over the menu. I had an iced tea and Carolyn had a homemade ginger ale, made from fresh ginger and some other secret vegetable and or fruit ingredients.

We had a simple tossed salad, nachos with make believe cheese.
The salad was fine and the nachos were solid. I just don’t get fake cheese. It is like smoking a cigarette without nicotine or drinking a beer with no alcohol.

My veggie wrap was yummy and the hot sauce was amazing. I thought it was homemade, but it turned out to be Tabasco sauce in a nice serving container.

Carolyn had the Spaghetti and Wheat balls (why, why, why). Just serve the spaghetti with a nice vegetarian tomato sauce and leave the falafel out of it.

I am not knocking veg heads. I know it is a healthy way of life and for us swine eaters, they will quite possibly live longer than us and I am ok with that.

Lunch was pretty expensive, considering we had no alcohol….but we would return.

So to all my vegetarian friends, enjoy your diet, just don’t make me eat something that looks like a Buffalo Chicken wing and ask me if it really tastes like a chicken wing. My answer will be no, it does not taste like a wing.

What would be better? How about if you ask me to try a vegetable buffalo fritter? Now that would make sense.
PS- Ben Stiller was eating alongside of us and loving his vegetables.